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FAQs: Bindery

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FAQs: Mailing

How should I design my artwork for mailing?
There are many US Postal Service requirements that can affect the postage class and rate for your mailer. Click here to see our templates.
What postage rate should I choose?
The postage rate that best suits your mailer depends on your budget, the expected delivery time of your project, and the size of your mailer. First-class mail arrives generally within 1-3 business days and automatically includes return mailing for undeliverable addresses. If delivery time is not critical, you may want to consider mailing via Standard Presort, which can take between 5 and 15 business days. If your organization qualifies for Non-Profit mailing with the USPS, you can mail at a lower rate, but you must receive written approval with an official authorization number for USPS prior to mailing (see your local post office for more information).
What file formats do you accept for mailing lists?
We accept Excel and CSV files. Each field (such as name, company name and address) cannot be more than 50 characters, including spaces and punctuation, or our software will truncate the information.
Can you mail to foreign addresses?
If you have foreign addresses in your mailing lists, we can mail those for you as well. Call ZPI at 920-756-2222 or email for more information regarding international mailing.
How do I pay for postage?
Once we receive your mailing list, we will process your list accordingly and respond with postage due. Zander Press Inc. must receive postage funds at least 24 hours before the mailing date to avoid delays in the mail schedule.